The Official Sport of Midwest Winters


Whether or not you're a true Midwesterner whose blood runs thick with a mixture of ranch dressing, butterburger grease, and the ever present urge to let loose a hearty "Ope", Yooker brings the joys of the classic euchre card game to all with its simple and easy-to-play approach.



Yooker gives you easy access to your favorite card game by allowing for online matches between two or four players. These games allow you to maintain your "house rules" with their configurable options for play.

'Going Alone' Has a New Meaning

Ope, no one showed up to your potluck? You're in luck. Yooker Daily Challenges offers a single player version with a new deck each day that pits you against a computer challenger that has only 37% of the political opinions that your potluck guests would have made known. 


Daily Challenges will keep your euchre muscles chiseled sharp as you inhale scalloped potatoes straight from the lone crockpot at your  solo Potluck of Champions.